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Walk With Us -2022

Chidiya means a lot to the local community and the 35 children who spend their days with us. We need consistent supporters, especially with the steep price hikes we have been experiencing in South Africa (and worldwide). Twice a year we will therefore be running a campaign called “Walk with us”.


By committing to donating monthly, you can walk with our children on their journey of growth and development. If you can spare some change each month, it will make a crucial impact for our operations. In the coming weeks we will start presenting some of our children on Facebook, so that you can see who your donation is feeding, comforting and keeping warm this winter. Follow our Facebook page for updates. 

To sign up, go to the donate page of your country above and become a monthly donor. 


Where do the funds go?

Screenshot 2021-09-28 at 14.07.16.png


to the cause


Help us keep our children healthy, happy and safe at all times by making a donation. 




South Africa/ international


- Bank transfer

- Physical donations 

Click here to make a donation in one of these forms.



- Vipps

- Grasrotandelen

- Bank transfer (DNB Bank)

Click here to make a donation in one of these forms.


You can now donate cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Click here to find out more and to make a crypto-donation.

100% of our income goes directly towards the cause!


58% Salaries

Staff salaries are our highest expense. Each of our employees is central to making sure that our children are kept safe, and receive quality care. In such a crime-afflicted area, round-the-clock security is essential. The management team don't receive a salary, but a small monthly stipend from 2022.


Chidiya’s vision is to improve the general living standards in Orange Farm, where the unemployment rate is high. By hiring only local employees, we are creating job opportunities, which corresponds with our vision and promotes sustainability.


42 %- Child care and family services

Under child care falls essential goods such as food, clothing and sanitation, and the services we provide for our children during school hours. Costs related to therapy-services, medical supplies and nutritional supplements fall into this category.

To ensure that our children's needs are met also outside of Chidiya, we assist the families in any way that we can, where they are. This includes providing food parcels and other donations, and catering for any specific needs that our children and their families may have.

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